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Nick Paine

Nick Paine

Nick started music professionally during June 1995 highly influenced by Grunge Rock which led to the creation of his first Band Silver Reign in the post Grunge Era as a Vocalist doing Nirvana cover’s and Original’s til year 2005 Being underground in the scene too long he chose to pursue his profession on different genre as a Secessionist for many bands Until Meeting Briefly to front for Romey Valentine of Hellven for a season which led them to be working partners and the Creation of Nick’s Current Band (Abyssal Dawn) which was started off by both Nick Paine and his close friend Abdul khai.

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Priyadarshini Priyadarshini
A Playback singer, Performing artist Music Researcher, Managing Director of PRISM Foundation-Music,Dance School and Studio

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VOX Adio Air GT VOX Adio Air GT
The Adio is equipped with a high-wattage power amp boasting 50W of stereo output

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Singapore Indian Music Party (SIMP) Singapore Indian Music Party (SIMP)
It was known as the New Indian Amateur Orchestra.They were all amateur musicians (thus the name) and entertained at weddings and other functions.