Radha Vijayan

Radha Vijayan

Radha Vijayan, popularly known as "VIJI" is the youngest son of talented Veteran Indian Actor Padmashree M.K. Radha. Radha Vijayan is a composer, arranger, conductor and instructor. He discovered his love for music when he was nine years old and trained under Dhanraj Master and excelled as a guitarist and keyboard player. After initially mastering the classical guitar studies of the Trinity College of Music, London and Indian Classical music under Karnataka Vainika Gana Vidyalaya, his interests were broadened to include rock, pop, blues, country, jazz and fusion.

Renowned Bharatanatyam legend Dr. Padma Subhramanyam was instrumental in playing a vital role in Radha Vijayan's professional career in Singapore by offering him the opportunity of conducting her compositions for the combined dance ballet "Ritu Mahathmiyam" during the "Singapore Festival of Arts-'92".

Active as a studio and show guitarist, he has worked with eminent music directors of Indian Movie Industry. A list of Music Directors whom he had worked with are as follows:

R. Sudarsanam, S.M. Subbiah Naidu, Pandu, M.S. Viswanathan, V. Kumar, T.R. Pappa, S.V.  Ramanan, Vijayabhaskar, Salil Choudry, Ravi, Ananda Shankar, Shyam, Philips, Shankar-Ganesh, Das Daniels, Manickka Vinayakam, Dhakshnamoorthy, Devarajan, R.K. Shekar, Ratnam, G.K Venkatesh, K. Ravindran, Thayanban, Ilayaraja, Ganghei Amaran, V.S. Narasimhan, L. Vaidyanathan, Deva, Vijay Anand, Devendhran, Murari, Chidambaranathan, Jhonson, Rajamani, Mohan Sithara, Balabarathy, Illaya Gangai and Illavarasan (Sirpi).

Sunday 28 Sep 2008 Mr Radha Vijayan had the privilege of performing with Sri MSV on the Piano in Chennai


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